Welcome to the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium Software Repository. (MECC.co)  This site grew out of the need for many educators still using MECC software for their classes.  While the MECC has gone long by the way side with their doors finally closing in 1999 permanently, their Apple II software legacy lives on. While there are many sites out there dedicated to vintage computing, this is the only one that is solely dedicated to the MECC software and it's legacy.  Our current library is primarily for the Apple II and all items are playable on our built in emulator as well as off line with our emulator packages.  At a future time, we will also be adding Commodore and other platforms which MECC produced software for.

A-199-WG-Zoyon Patrol

All of the Apple ][ software contained in this site is playable in your Internet browser through the Virtual Apple ][ website.  We are currently working on making all titles interact with Virtual Apple ][ in a seamless manner.  We are also in the process of adding external emulators which will allow you to run the programs locally offline from the site as well as on portable devides.  This option is still not completely available but is in progres.  Educators who need to run multiple copies of the program and don't want to burn up the band width with needless traffic will be able to use the disk images in an offline emulator. 

In all of our offerings on this site, we have attempted to be as complete as possible, providing disks, emulators, student handouts, and even hard cover manuals for the software so that Educators can continue to use the items for their classes in a manner which is not only easy to use but also fun for the students.

MECC Book-88-89 TN

MECC Guides are perfect for the teacher looking to enhance their lessons and to allow the students to learn as much as possible during their computing experience.  The MECC Guides are complete with forms which can be filled out by the student and turned in as part of the lesson.  We hope you enjoy this site and if you have things to add to the site which are not already here, please feel free to contact us via the provided contact form.

NOTE: Due to the size of the screen that the software emulators require in their current state, we recommend that you view this website with a minimum of 1280 x 1024 pixel display settings.   While the emulator will still run on smaller screens, we recommend this size for the best experience with our site.

Our thanks to the original authors and  providers of the original MECC materials for the collection. 

This website is copyright (c) MECC.co 2003-2015.  All Rights Reserved.  The materials in this website have been contributed by the original authors of the material and as such remain copyrighted.  Although they are provided here in digital and physiucal format for your personal enjoyment, they may not be re-distributed as part of any other collection without written permission from said authors and the MECC.co website creators. Teachers may freely use the materials within their teaching environment.  Website produced by WPM Productions  The MECC.co Interactive Catalog is a copyrighted production of A.P.P.L.E. and may not be re-distributed without permission.