This website has been a nine year effort to gather all of the applications and manuals that were part of the original MECC library.   The people listed below have donated both materials and time to making this site what it has become today.

Kenneth Brumbaugh — First CEO of MECC, donated products and catalogs

Steve Taffe — Last CEO of MECC, donated products and catalogs, coordinated donations

Michael Markegard — Teacher in Houston, MN., donated product manuals and software

Antoine Vignau — Magnetic Media Digitization

Brian Wiser — Graphics and OCR of Originals

Alex Lee — Digital Media

Marco Verpelli — Digital Media Production

Bill Martens — Products, Document Reproductions and Website Services

This website is copyright (c) 2003-2017.  All Rights Reserved.  The materials in this website have been contributed by the original authors of the material and as such remain copyrighted.  Although they are provided here in digital and physiucal format for your personal enjoyment, they may not be re-distributed as part of any other collection without written permission from said authors and the website creators. Teachers may freely use the materials within their teaching environment.  Website produced by WPM Productions  The Interactive Catalog is a copyrighted production of A.P.P.L.E. and may not be re-distributed without permission.

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