TesselMania! Deluxe


Students just love TesselMania! Deluxe. And it's no wonder . . . this unique creativity tool lets them create fun, professional-looking designs using interlocking shapes called tessellations. With TesselMania! Deluxe, your students can create tessellations in twice as many ways. Best of all, they can now create terrific projects like posters, banners, t-shirts, cards, 3-D objects, and puzzles!

This new CD-ROM version of TesselMania! is packed with features like stamps, sounds, and electronic puzzles. Magic buttons animate tessellations and show how they fit together, so students can see how their original designs were created and how they fit to tile the plane.  

TesselMania! Menu


TesselMania! Deluxe is a creativity tool that challenges aspiring artists of all ages. With TesselMania! Deluxe, students can choose from hundreds of stamps and musical selections as they create their own tessellated designs. They can even see their stamps animate! But they will especially love using their designs to complete projects like posters, 3-D objects, greeting cards, banners, stationary, calendars, and even t-shirts. By using TesselMania! Deluxe, students will see how math and art connect, too. For a closer look at how it all works, they can animate, review and change their designs at any time. TesselMania! Deluxe also includes on-screen electronic puzzles . . . or they can create and print their own puzzles.

TesselMania! Screen

There's no other educational software like TesselMania! Deluxe! Based on the best-selling, disk-based program, this new CD-ROM version combines the joy of art with the fascinating world of transformational geometry to help students understand complex geometric concepts. Yet it's so easy...and so much fun...they won't realize how much they're learning.

Features and Benefits

- It's easy-to-use. Allows students to easily design tessellation patterns too complex and time-consuming to create any other way.

- It's curriculum driven. Provides an intriguing way to explore geometry through art and creativity.

- It's fun for kids of all ages. Provides a creativity tool that will continue to challenge students from elementary school to high school.

It's sensitive to performance assessment needs. Lets students showcase their tessellations as posters, stationary, calendars, banners, 3-D objects, and even t-shirts.

- It's creative.Provides students with endless artistic choices-including hundreds of exciting stamps, colors, and sounds. 

Below are sample Tessellations using the TesselMania! Deluxe program.  Please Visit this page frequently! We will be changing the sample tessellations posted here often! 





Original CD System Requirements

Macintosh® Product Information:

CD-ROM System Compatibility:

  • 68040 required (LC 575/Performa 575 or greater)
  • System 7.1 or later
  • 5MB RAM required (8MB RAM recommended)
  • 13" or larger color display (640 x 480, 256-color)
  • Double-speed CD-ROM drive
  • Hard disk

Windows® Product Information:

  • 486/50MHz or higher
  • Microsoft® Windows® 3.1 or higher
  • 256-color SVGA display
  • 4MB RAM required (8MB RAM recommended)
  • Windows-compatible mouse
  • Double-speed CD-ROM drive
  • Hard disk
  • Windows-compatible sound card 
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